As your child grows up and heads off to college, they may choose a college that is close to your home. Instead of living in a dorm or staying in their childhood bedroom, you have the opportunity to give them an in-between option for their college years.

The installation of an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) can transform your property and provide an ideal stepping stone into adulthood. Learn more about the ADU design process and what an ADU unit can provide for your child as they make the big transition to college.

Save Money and Resources

Despite the design and installation costs of an ADU, the total amount will save you money in the long run. Once you have the ADU installed, you do not have to worry about monthly rentals for an apartment or the costs of a dorm. You also don't need to worry about signing a student up for meal plans or other on-campus programs.

The ADU will connect to the main grid of your house and could take advantage of other cost-saving measures you have like the use of solar panels.

Foster Independence

The size and layout of an AUD design will often replicate a small apartment. A college student will have their own bedroom, living area, kitchen, and bathroom. They can essentially live their full lives in the ADU while still having access to the main home.

For example, the student can use your washer and dryer without the need to pay for college laundry services or a laundromat. The whole ADU installation can help foster a lot of independence in the child and allow them to grow into an adult. They will learn to take care of their own dishes, keep the space clean, and have time to themselves.

Instead of entertaining friends in a single bedroom, the ADU provides a lot of space to socialize and hang out with others. While the independence factor is there, the student can rely on the support of parents in case they need anything.

Future Visits

During college, your child may decide to transfer or move on to a graduate school. Even if they decide to move off the property completely, you can use the ADU installation for years to come. Anytime the child comes home to visit, the ADU will provide an ideal guest house for them to stay at. They can relax, enjoy family time, and still have plenty of space to relax.

Even after college ends, you will find plenty of ways to get the most out of the ADU and provide a spot for your child to come and visit.

Work with contractors to choose an ADU design that fits your needs and provides an ideal replacement for a college dorm.