If you're working on bringing a senior living facility to your community to provide aging adults with a comfortable and safe living space, you need to create the perfect layout design. Carefully consider several elements when working on the facility's blueprint to ensure the construction workers can follow it and bring the design to life.

How Many Floors Should the Facility Have?

While working on the layout of a senior living facility before construction occurs, consider the number of floors needed to accommodate those who will live in the building. Because seniors often have trouble getting around, a massive one-floor layout is a more suitable option that would prevent the elderly from getting stuck walking up and down long staircases. However, if the building needs to have multiple floors due to limited space, it's crucial to designate an area for elevators that residents, employees, and visitors can use.

Where Will You Have Ramps Installed?

All senior living facilities should have ramps installed during the construction phase. Some elderly people need to rely on ramps when using a wheelchair or if they're dependent on a walker to get around. Decide where to have these ramps installed, including the entrance, exit, and common areas that these individuals may frequent.

Do You Have a Standard Size for Each Room?

Start thinking about the standard size for each room, ensuring seniors have enough space to live as comfortably as possible while staying at the senior living facility. You can choose to have every room the same size or offer different room size options to cater to different seniors, including married elderly couples who may want to live at the facility together.

Is There Space for Speciality Rooms?

Along with figuring out the size of the rooms that residents will call their own, try to consider making space for specialty rooms, such as a game room, dining room, and medical care area where seniors can receive their medication or get treatment for any wounds. Work on creating a layout for the senior living facility that puts each of these rooms in the most convenient spots for residents.

After considering these and other design elements for a senior living facility, you can have a blueprint of the layout crafted and ready for the contractors to use during construction. They will then build the senior living facility you envisioned offering to the older adults within your community, which may have multiple ramps, spacious rooms, and other fantastic accommodations. 

For more info about senior living construction, contact a local company.