The light your living room gets may have an enormous impact on your family's experience and satisfaction. For instance, you might notice your family spending time in other rooms when the room cannot get much natural light from the windows. A solution to this problem is to hire home remodelers who can work on projects that improve lighting overall.

Open Layout

An open layout is a major project you can work on to transform your home and living room. This project will involve removing walls around the living room to open up the home. Afterward, you may be able to see the entire dining room, kitchen, and entryway from your living room. This change will bring some natural light from other rooms into the living room.

A shift to an open layout is worth considering when you want easier socialization and supervision with your family between these main rooms.


Installing new windows is another strategy to improve lighting in your living room. The greatest results will come from strategic placement with floor-to-ceiling windows. Placement is important because some areas might have external obstacles such as fencing or trees.

When you tell remodelers that you want to improve lighting in the room, you can rely on them to analyze the outside to determine the most effective window locations. Then, you can pick from any of these options and look forward to a noticeable boost in natural lighting.


While windows can make a huge difference, you will find skylights worth considering in a one-story home. Skylights are advantageous because they are installed overhead, so you can often avoid facing external obstacles that might block sunlight from getting in.

A major perk of skylights is that you will not give up privacy. This means you can bring natural light into the room even when you keep regular windows closed for privacy reasons.


Along with natural lighting, you can get more light through new lighting fixtures. For instance, you can install recessed lights throughout the entire room to help with general lighting. You may also want to add a chandelier in the middle of the room to maximize lighting in the center.

Track lights are also worth installing around the living room because they provide general and task lighting simultaneously. You can also adjust the position of track lights to boost light in certain areas if you need more task lighting.

Hire home remodeling for these projects to boost living room lighting until you are satisfied.