If your wood deck is stained, faded, and starting to deteriorate, you might prolong its life and restore its beauty with a deck coating. Having your deck repaired and coated will be less expensive than replacing the deck, and your deck will be just as beautiful. There are several coatings to consider, depending on how you want your deck to look. Here's how a coating can improve your deck and a few types of coatings to apply.

A Deck Coating Protects And Enhances Your Deck

A coating goes on like paint, but it's much thicker. It can fill in gouges and seal splinters to make your deck safer and to stop damage. The coating also makes the surface of your deck more attractive by giving it a uniform color and smooth appearance.

However, a coating can't repair all kinds of damage. You'll probably want a deck repair service to tighten loose boards, replace broken rails, and fix other major damage before you have the coating applied. By making the deck sturdy and then applying a coating, you might extend the life of your deck for several more years.

The coating seals the wood so it's protected from rain, snow, and UV rays. This slows down the deterioration of the wood so it has a longer life and so you need to make fewer repairs.

Deck Coating Options To Consider

Clear coatings let the beauty of the original wood show through. The color and grain of the wood can be seen through the coating. These coatings don't last very long, so you might have to replace them every spring, but this might be a good choice if you like the appearance of natural wood.

Pigmented coatings cover the old wood completely. This type of coating might be a good choice if your old wood has faded in areas or is stained. A pigmented deck coating gives your deck a solid, uniform color. You can choose from earth colors or colors that resemble species of wood. These last longer than clear coatings, but you may still need to apply a new coating every few years.

Rubber coatings are another option to consider. These go on like paint and form a seamless surface coat for your deck that makes the deck watertight. A rubber coating is gentle on your feet and it makes deck maintenance easier because it protects against stains, mold, and water damage. These come in a variety of colors, or you can add pigment and make your own color.

These are just a few coatings that go on like paint that you might be able to apply yourself. There are other types of coatings that last even longer and need to be applied professionally. Contact a contractor to learn more about deck coatings