Customers often appreciate automatic doors when they visit a store or other business. These doors are wonderful when they work well, but unfortunately, sometimes issues arise. If your doors are sliding open too slowly, it might be time for door repair. Here are 4 ways a company that repairs doors can help your automatic entrance or exit work correctly again.

1) Check the door sensors

The first thing a door repair technician will often do is check the door sensors. If the sensors in the door are not functioning properly, the door won't open or close as it should. This can lead to delays when a customer stands near the door.

Luckily, it's fairly easy for a trained professional to identify this common door repair issue. When the technician visits your business, he or she will test the sensors to see if they need to be replaced or repaired.

2) Lubricate door parts

Another door repair issue that can cause automatic doors to open slowly is a lack of lubrication. When door parts are not properly lubricated, they can begin to stick and grind against each other. This resistance will cause the door to move more slowly than usual. A door technician will be able to lubricate any hinges or bolts and get things moving again.

3) Your automatic doors are out of alignment

If your automatic doors seem to take a long time to open, they might be out of alignment. This door repair problem is often caused by hardware that has become loose over time. When the door is no longer aligned correctly, it can put a strain on the door opener and cause it to work less efficiently.

This door repair issue can typically be resolved by realigning the door. In some cases, you might also need to replace any door hardware that has become worn out.

4) Check for damage

Sometimes there may be damage that is the culprit if your automatic doors feel like they're taking forever to slide open. If there is any visible damage to the door, that's obviously something that needs to be addressed right away. But even if the door looks fine on the outside, there could be problems with the door opener or other internal components.

Some internal damage may include:

  • a door opener that is overloaded and needs to be replaced
  • door tracks that are bent or damaged
  • door sensors that have been dislodged

If you're having issues with your automatic doors opening too slowly, contact a door repair company for help. A technician will be able to diagnose the problem and get your automatic doors back in working order again.