Design-build is a construction project delivery method where the team delivers under one contract with the project owner in providing designs and other aspects of the building process. It is perfect for schools, stadiums, transport, office buildings, and water infrastructure projects.

Many people prefer design build because it streamlines communication between engineers, architects, subcontractors, and contractors by fusing them into one entity. Depending on the type of the project, an architect or contractor may take the lead. Contactors may take the lead in projects where their strengths, such as infrastructural work and industrial construction, are required. In contrast, architectures head projects such as hospitals, commercial buildings, and museums, requiring complex designs.

Here are reasons to use design-build for your construction project.


Design-build helps save costs because all the team members work under one contract, simplifying the project management process. The total project cost is also estimated in the early stages eliminating the risks of going over the budget during construction. During planning, the architect or contractor tells you what features to use to help save on costs or traded features that help you achieve what you want at a lower cost.


A single contact point helps streamline communication and resolve problems faster, unlike when dealing with individuals differently. All the team members work together while providing expertise and input, enabling faster project delivery. The faster the project is completed, the earlier the building can be occupied and used for its intended purpose. Additionally, the collaborative approach reduces disputes and problems associated with the bidding process, which materializes into high-quality work.

Direct Payments

Design-build streamlines the payment process by keeping all requests and approvals under one roof. As a result, faster and more consistent payments eliminate payment disputes that may cause project delays. As the project owner, you can make project follow-ups and payments easily because all operations are centralized.

Decreased Administrative Burden

There is nothing as tedious as managing different contracts alone. In some cases, they may take up much of your time and focus less on your project. Different contracts can also delay the project since you may experience issues such as litigation claims, slowing down the project. Fortunately, design-build reduces your administration burden by dealing with all the stakeholders simultaneously, giving you enough time to concentrate on your project.

Take Away

Design-build has several advantages, including reduced administrative burden, costs, faster project completion, reduced risks and litigation claims, and better quality outcomes. To understand what makes design-build unique and better than other construction delivery methods, consider reaching out to a construction expert near you.