Equipping your property with fire extinguishers is important for minimizing damage in the event of a fire. There are numerous considerations to take into account when you choose and place fire extinguishers on your property.

The following are seven things to keep in mind when you are investing in fire extinguishers for your property.  

Building code requirements

If you're purchasing fire extinguishers for your property, you may be doing so to meet building code requirements.

In this case, it's important to fully understand pertinent building codes in your area and to verify that you are meeting them with an expert on such regulations such as your fire extinguisher supplier.

Knowledge of fire extinguisher functioning

Fire extinguishers won't be very helpful around your property if residents or staff on your property don't know how to use them. When you have fire extinguisher installations placed on your property, it's good to invest some time in training everyone who regularly uses your property on how to use them. 

Display of instructions for fire extinguisher use

In addition to training, it's also important to have a display of instructions posted where your fire extinguishers are installed. This will serve as a helpful reminder on how to operate your fire extinguishers in the event of an emergency. 

Location of fire extinguishers

Plan out where you will locate your fire extinguishers carefully. Fire extinguisher placement makes a big difference in the event of an emergency. Generally, fire extinguishers should be placed near the exit of an interior. 

Ease of accessing fire extinguishers

In addition to locating fire extinguishers near exits, it's also important to locate fire extinguishers in a place where they aren't at risk of being obstructed by any other equipment on your property.

Fast and easy access to fire extinguishers is essential for maximizing their effectiveness in the event of an emergency. 

Material considerations

Fire extinguishers are typically designed to put out fires in particular materials. For example, standard fire extinguishers that are designed for use in typical homes and places of business are designed to put out fires in paper, cloth, and wood.

However, there are also fire extinguishers that are designed to put out fires in other substances. Some fire extinguishers on the market are specifically designed to put out fires in substances like grease and oil. There are also fire extinguishers specifically designed for use in electrical fires.

You should choose the particular fire extinguisher type that best meets the needs and addresses the risks of your unique property. 

Maintenance and inspection needs of fire extinguisher equipment

One of the most important things you should know about fire extinguishers is that they need to be maintained and inspected over time. That's why you should be aware of the maintenance and inspection needs of the fire extinguisher equipment that you invest in for your property.