You might be surprised to find bugs in your house when you move into a newly constructed home. However, it's a fairly common occurrence. Bugs get in new construction homes for a number of reasons, so you'll probably want to start pest control treatments right after you buy your home.

You may even want treatments started before you move in so the pest control company can work without your belongings in the way. Here's why pests get in newly built homes and some pest control services you should consider.

Why Pests Are A Problem In Brand New Homes

Pests can get in new homes and then multiply without being disturbed when a home is vacant for a while. If the home was built near a termite or ant colony, the bugs might wander inside when they are out scouting for food. Bugs often get carried around on landscaping plants, so the plants near your home's foundation may have pests and drop them near your home. Damp mulch also attracts bugs such as roaches.

What Kinds Of Pest Control Services Help

A brand new house should be sealed pretty tightly, but you may want the pest control company to do an exterior check for gaps, cracks, and holes that bugs and mice could squeeze through. Sealing up all the access points helps keep the bugs out of your house.

In addition, you may want exterior and interior spraying with residual pesticide that keeps working for several weeks. This can get rid of bugs indoors and keep the ones outside from getting in. After that, you may want scheduled pest control spraying at the frequency the pest control company recommends, and those treatments might be applied outdoors only unless you notice bugs in your house.

Besides general pest control treatments that keep a variety of common insects under control, you'll probably want termite treatments and monitoring as well. Regular pesticides are not used on termites, so you'll need treatments just for them. Since termites can cause a lot of damage to your new home, it's a good idea to start with termite control as soon as you buy your house and keep up with the monitoring and treatments as long as you own your home.

If you have the pest treatments done before you move in, you may not even notice any pests in your new home, or they may be rare. That's much better than moving into an infestation of roaches or spiders that make it difficult to get settled in your new home. Contact pest control today for more information.