Failure or breakage of garage door springs can be inconvenient and quite dangerous. Springs help control the heavy load of a garage door. As a result, moving this heavy load poses a significant risk if they are unable to support it. However, garage door springs rarely fail spontaneously. Instead, signs of failure will appear and the door will continue to deteriorate until it becomes immovable. How do you know it's time to call the door repair service for garage door spring replacement? 

1. Door Falls Too Fast

When garage door springs fail, they will not be able to capably hold the weight. Therefore, if you let go of the door, it will fall too quickly. The problem here is that if the door falls too fast, it poses a danger to people and pets. Standing under a falling door can result in serious injury. The spring needs to be replaced urgently to avoid injury. 

2. Visible Gap in the Spring

You might think that the broken spring shouldn't be visible. However, if the spring breaks and loses tension, it will loosen. There will be a visible gap in the coil of the spring where the unwinding has occurred. Look closely at the top of the door for signs of a broken or unraveled spring. You need garage door spring replacement as soon as possible when this happens. 

3. The Door Is Slightly Hanging on One Side

One clear sign of a broken spring is when the garage door is bent. This usually happens when one cable is tighter than the other. The higher tension in one cable means that one side of the door hangs lower than the other. 

When the door is opened and closed, it does not move smoothly and begins to tilt to one side. As a result, the door will not move smoothly, but moves in jerks and jolts. You will also hear a squeaking noise as the door rubs against one side of the rails. 

4. Loose or Broken Door Cables

Broken springs also cause cable sagging or slacking as the cables lose tension. The cables can also snap because they cannot hold the weight of the door. In this case, the door will be totally immovable. You will have to call the door service to replace both cables and springs. 

Are you worried the garage door presents a threat to people and pets? Contact a garage door service, such as Plano Overhead Garage Door, to do garage door spring replacement and restore smooth and safe door operations.