If your old wood deck is gray and full of splinters, you may want a deck that holds up better when you replace it. Vinyl could be the right choice. You can even get vinyl boards that look like wood, except you don't have to worry about vinyl turning gray or decaying. Here are important points to know about vinyl decking.

Vinyl Decking Is Available In Sheets Too

You can buy vinyl decking material in boards to build a traditional deck in your yard, and you can also buy the decking in sheets. The sheets can be put on your upper-level balcony or roof deck. This gives you the option of using the decking just where you want it so you can enjoy the ease of care and waterproof nature of vinyl.

Vinyl Is Easy To Maintain

A wood deck can take a lot of work since wood slowly deteriorates over time. Plus, wood oxidizes, so the color turns gray unless you keep the deck painted or stained. Vinyl never has to be stained. It won't be harmed by termites or other pests. You'll have to wash it with a hose or power washer occasionally to keep it clean, but repairs and maintenance should be minimal.

Vinyl Decking Comes In Different Colors

You might want boards that look like real wood, but you can opt for a different look with your new deck. You could choose colors that look like different types of wood, or you could choose decking that looks like painted wood and comes in a variety of colors, such as blue, white, or gray. The good thing is the colors resist fading and you won't have to paint it to keep the deck looking fresh.

Vinyl Decking Is A Good Option For Kids

Vinyl decking often has a slightly rough texture so it won't be slick when it rains. However, the surface is smooth enough that it's comfortable for young kids to crawl on. You won't have to worry about your kids getting wood splinters on a vinyl deck, and since the deck is so easy to clean, it's easy to keep it as a sanitary play space.

Vinyl Is Durable

Vinyl is durable since it doesn't rot and it can stand up to UV exposure and severe weather. Vinyl is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about water damage either. If you're looking for a durable material for a deck that doesn't need a lot of care, vinyl is a good choice. Your new vinyl deck should look new for a long time and be an attractive addition to your backyard. 

For more information about vinyl decking, contact a local contractor.