If water has become a real issue in your basement or you just want to be better prepared for it, waterproofing measures are important to look into. As long as you take these steps, your waterproofing tactics will make a difference in keeping this area of your home dry. 

Conduct Condensation Tests

If you want to see if an area of the basement is currently being affected by water, then you'll need to carry out condensation tests. They'll let you know the moisture content of various areas in the basement, including walls, floors, and the ceiling. Then if water is getting through any of these places, you'll know thanks to the objective results these tests provide.

If an area comes back positive for high moisture content, you can investigate the area further and see what can be done as far as keeping more water from causing property damage and mold issues.

Treat Standing Water Promptly

If your basement has already been affected by water—so much so that there are areas of standing water—then you need to deal with these areas first before trying to prevent more water from getting in. Otherwise, what's going to happen is structures quickly deteriorate and mold starts causing health hazards for you and others in your household.

You can get rid of standing water in the basement by setting up a pump and moving water to a storm drain that's nearby. Then you'll just need to dry the areas where there was standing water so that you're not dealing with severe mold issues.

Have Professionals Deal with Weak Foundation Spots

One of the more serious issues that can happen around the basement area is weak spots developing in the foundation. That's going to make it more likely that water gets through these spots and subsequently causes damage. Make sure you have professionals address these weak spots if they're present within the foundation around your basement.

Professional contractors will be able to access these weak speaks without having to tear down a lot of other structures, and they can reinforce them properly to keep water from getting into the basement area.

Basement water damage can be really expensive to fix, which is why it's a good idea to look into waterproofing measures sooner rather than later. You need to carefully examine your basement's weak points and then address them before water can start affecting structures. 

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